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Tow-Bro Unitube Sludge Removal Systems available from Siemens Ltd

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The Tow-Bro Unitube Sludge Removal Systems from Siemens Ltd are rapid and effective solutions for the removal of final clarifier flocculent sludges. Proven by exhaustive testing programs, the sludge removal systems are easy to operate and reduce substantial construction and energy costs.  

Siemens also offers a Flocculating Energy Dissipating Well Arrangement (FEDWA) baffle system to help enhance the performance of the Tow-Bro Sludge Removal Systems. The FEDWA baffle system delivers a practical means of dissipating inlet energy and imrpoving flocculation in primary and secondary clarifiers. 

Using the Tow-Bro will result in fresher sludge, minimal risk of septicity, reduced aeration requirements, and help prevent the release of phosphate. Key features and benefits of the sludge removal systems include:

  • Less required pumping - aeration basins and solids handling systems can be designed and operated for the minimum requirements
  • Minimum sludge irritation – gentle sludge removal action means underwater disturbance is kept to a minimal.
  • Balanced hydraulic design – helps to remove settled solids in proportion to the area covered over a wide range of flows. Low sludge blankets are also maintained for cleaner effluents.

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