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Sitrans LR260 radar continuous level transmitter from Siemens

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The Sitrans LR260 is the new 2-wire radar continuous level transmitter from Siemens .

Featuring Process Intelligence echo processing and 25 gigahertz pulse technology, the new device is easy to install and configure.

The Sitrans LR260is particularly suitable for level measurement of virtually any solid medium, including cement powder, fly-ash, coal, gypsum, flour, grain, aggregates and plastics.

The new transmitter reliably measures up to a distance of 30 metres even in environments with extreme dust load and high temperatures up to 200°C.

The multilingual Quick Start Wizard guides through the programming of the transmitter and has Sitrans LR260 measuring in minutes.

The transmitter can be programmed through the intrinsically safe infrared handheld programmer or remotely using Simatic PDM via Hart or Profibus PA without opening the lid of the device, thus preventing exposure of the electronics to dirty environments.

The new graphical local user interface (LUI) displays echo profiles and diagnostic information allowing the user to determine dynamics in the silo at a glance.

The Sitrans LR260 includes self-diagnostics that communicate to the local display and across the mA loop or network. For example, a timer can be preset to alert the user of a required maintenance or a scheduled quality check.

The new ‘Process Intelligence’ signal processing evaluates dynamic echo signals. It applies algorithms (based on field data collected from over one million level measurement applications) to raw echoes producing accurate and reliable level measurement readings.

It is the signal processing behind the more advanced features such as Quick Start Wizard, diagnostic tools and auto false-echo suppression. This latter feature can automatically ignore false echoes created from internal obstructions.

With the built-in easy aimer feature, the transmitter is simple to install and to orient for optimal signal reception relative to the sloped surface of the material, improving the return signal quality.

Ample room for wiring and rugged screw terminals allows for fast and easy installation. The encapsulated design protects the electronics from extreme vibration, shock and environmental elements. Optional self-cleaning purging connection and dust covers are available to prevent material build-up inside the antenna.

25 gigahertz technology allows for a space-saving small horn antenna for installation in small openings and the concentrated high frequency beam ensures interference from vessel walls is minimal.

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