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Simatic ET 200S module available from Siemens Industrial Automation & Control

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EM 4 F-DI / 3 F-DO DC24V/2A is a cost-optimised and space-saving fail-safe Simatic ET 200S module with 4 inputs and 3 outputs which can be used for safety requirements up to SIL 2 and/or category 3. it is the optimised input/output module for all SIL2/category 3 applications.

Reasons for product development:

In the area of production machines and machine tools SIL 2/Cat 3 is sufficient for approximately 95% of the machines.

With digital, fail-safe inputs and outputs for the ET 200S tailored to the requirements of SIL 2/Cat.3, it is possible to cut costs drastically with a bus-based, fail-safe solution compared to present solutions.

Therefore, even if only a few F channels are required, this technology adds functional value at a more attractive price.

Functional highlights and technical features:

High functionality for compact spaces

  • 3 current-sinking/sourcing outputs; aggregate current of outputs: max. 4A
  • 4 input channels (2-out-of-2 evaluation), supply voltage L+: 24 V

Integrated diagnostic functions

  • Independent execution of short-circuit test and monitoring of discrepancy time

Versatile uses

  • Mixed set-up with standard modules and SIL3/Category 4 modules
  • With PROFIBUS and PROFINET via corresponding interface modules
  • Distributed fail-safe expansion for the S7-300 F and S7-400F
  • As a control module of the fail-safe relay module for switching voltages without external relays
  • Upgrade of F functionality for existing standard systems in connection with ET 200S F-CPU and fail-safe slave-to-slave communication

Typical applications:

  • Manufacturers of production machines and machine tools

Customer benefits:

  • Customers get a low-cost, digital input/output module for SIL2/category 3 applications
  • Low space requirements thanks to a combination of input and output channels in one standard F housing
  • Reduction of number of types and parts based on a mixed module set-up
  • More attractive pricing situation

Typical users or target groups:

  • Plant engineering companies
  • Safety engineers

Positioning with respect to existing products/functions:

  • Supplements the product range as a low-cost input/output module for SIL 2/Cat.3
  • Compact input/output module for applications requiring fewer fail-safe inputs and outputs

Functional dependencies on other products functions:

  • Distributed safety V5.2 SP2

Delivery range, versions, accessories:

  • EM 4 F-DI / 3 F-DO DC24V/2A
  • 6ES7138-4FC00-0AB0

The Simatic ET 200 S module is available from Siemens Industrial Automation & Control.

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