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Siemens to install ultrasonic chilled water energy meters at Oracle Towers apartment

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Siemens  recent ultrasonic technology will provide energy monitoring of cooling for the Gold Coast’s new luxury apartment development, the Oracle Towers on Broad Beach, Queensland.

The order will see 600 ultrasonic chilled water energy meters fitted throughout the complex, delivering accurate chilled water energy consumption readings for each of the apartments and commercial tenants without maintenance requirements over the life of the building’s HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) plant.

According to Siemens, the ultrasonic chilled water energy meters measure the heat energy transferred into the building’s chilled water system, which forms part of the building’s HVAC system and is used for air-conditioning. By accurately measuring both the chilled water flow using ultrasonic technology and the change in water temperature as it enters and leaves each apartment or commercial zone using integrated high accuracy temperature sensors, these meters can determine the exact amount of energy consumed by each apartment and commercial tenant.

Siemens observe that this form of metering allows the building corporate to know exactly how much of the total energy running costs of the air-conditioning system to proportion to each apartment owner or commercial tenant each month. This in turn provides the building corporate with accurate monthly billing data, which leads to reduced billing errors, and helps occupants to better understand their individual air conditioning usage trends, as they understand their other utility charges.

The Oracle Towers apartment complex is being constructed by Grocon. Siemens will provide the ultrasonic chilled water energy meters to the project’s air-conditioning mechanical contractors, Signato and Stacey.

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