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Siemens launches new low voltage switch disconnectors with improved protection functions

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article image The new 3KD switch disconnectors switch higher currents up to 1600 A and provide enhanced protection functions

Siemens Ltd has introduced a new range of switch disconnectors for low-voltage power distribution to their existing portfolio. The new Sentron 3KD series switch disconnectors can switch higher currents up to 1600 A.

A combination of load switches and disconnectors, switch disconnectors fulfil the functions of both with the switches allowing the safe connection and disconnection of electric equipment under load. Switch disconnectors can be used as repair switches to safely disconnect power and ensure secure working conditions for maintenance work. When used as emergency stop switches in production facilities, they serve as a safeguard for the machine operator against electric shock in case of faults. Available in five model sizes in three- and four-pole versions each, the switch disconnectors offer improved user protection against electricity-related accidents during installation and maintenance work, and prevent incorrect operation. 

New front or side panel rotary operating mechanisms and increased flexibility in terms of function expansion make the new switch disconnectors ideally suited for use in industrial production facilities, buildings, and photovoltaic systems. 

Suitable for use in both AC and DC applications, Sentron 3KD series switch disconnectors are compliant with the standard requirements of IEC 60947-3 for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear, and with device-specific EC directives for product safety. 

Safety features in the new 3KD series include new terminal covers to prevent direct contact with live components; contact setting of the switch easily visible via the transparent terminal covers, preventing incorrect operation; lockable devices to offer additional protection against unauthorised switching; and plug-in phase barriers to protect against inter-phase arcing.

The devices are mounted on a mounting plate or in the case of switch disconnectors up to 200 A, snapped onto a standard mounting rail. Box terminals (up to 160 A) and flat connectors (from 80 A) are optionally available. The mounting position of the switch disconnectors is variable, as optimised heat dissipation is guaranteed, allowing mounting in prone, suspended, or upright positions. An integrated test function facilitates commissioning while the test function verifies the correct wiring of the control circuits. Additional functions such as a fourth contact, a neutral terminal or a grounding (N-PE) terminal, and more can be retrofitted at any time.

Eleven CAx data types for mechanical and electric planning are made available for download online, including internal circuit diagrams, connection diagrams, dimensional drawings, and 3D models. 

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