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Siemens introduces Sitrans FUS880 flowmeter

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Siemens  has introduced its recent offering in ultrasonic flowmeter to the Australian market at the 2008 Irrigation Australia exhibition.

The Sitrans FUS880 retrofit kitset irrigation flowmeter has undergone several tests in Australia with 450mm and 600mm assembled units in a high accuracy flow rig and has returned system accuracies with maximum errors in the region of 0.7%.

The current technology is capable of measuring on pipes from 150 mm to 1200 mm, with maximum errors in the region of 1.5%.

Siemens Sensors and Communications Product Manager, John Kearton, said in the last few years the uptake of this technology has increased significantly as water authorities realise they can obtain high accuracies with minimal installation costs compared to traditional metering methods such as the magnetic inductive flow meter.

“The Sitrans FUS880 has a battery life of more than six years without the use of solar panels or charging systems. A simple battery change is all that is required for maintenance every five to six years,” John Kearton said.

“This is an enormous benefit especially for applications in remote areas, where the provision of mains power or solar systems is prohibitively expensive or not available but where long term reliable measurements are still required.

“The Sitrans FUS880 is also the ideal solution for long-term drought affected areas as users can count on its reliable operation when seasonal flows occur,” he said.

The new generation of battery powered transit time flow meters from Siemens with the economical transducer mounting programme will prove to be a viable long term solution – no matter in which environment it will be installed.

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