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Siemens introduce the SIMOCODE pro motor management system

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Nearly a decade ago, Siemens introduced the SIMOCODE-DP, replacing the need for high-density relay panels with a microprocessor-based motor management system that communicates over Profibus-DP.

The SIMOCODE-DP changed the traditional motor control centre (MCC) structure by combining the circuit overload protection and control, which were formerly separate entities, as well as integrating communication capabilities all in one package.

With its basic SIMOCODE pro C system for routine applications and SIMOCODE pro V system for more complex applications requiring flexibility and functionality, Siemens have introduced further enhancements to their SIMOCODE pro V system.


The SIMOCODE pro motor management system offers considerable savings in both space and installation time requirements and eliminates the large amount of wiring that was required between the MCCs and the I/O cabinets. This is because the SIMOCODE modules have their own on-board I/O and the I/O cabinets have been replaced with individual points in each MCC module.

Siemens Low-Voltage Controls & Distribution Product Manager, Robert Geppert said that integration between the automation system of a process and its control system has become easier with the SIMOCODE pro motor management system. The system installer can pull a single Profibus-DP cable to the MCC to provide the communications connectivity. Combined with the nature of the RS-485 network, startup and commissioning have been simplified.

Geppert further added that since only one motor management tool needs to be utilised for each load, engineers save time on programming the logic into the automation system.

In many ways, the SIMOCODE pro motor management system emulates a mini-PLC by giving the programmer an ample amount of simple local logic in the SIMOCODE base unit. This built-in local logic can be used to configure basic discrete function control and other analogue logic functionality. With SIMOCODE ES Professional, each check box in the configuration tool can represent twenty-five lines of ladder logic that do not have to be programmed at the actual controller level. This helps to reduce the overall engineering time for a project and takes the burden and overhead off the PLC and DCS system.

Another feature of the SIMOCODE pro motor management system is the amount of information that can be monitored, collected and communicated. Traditional I/O solutions were very limited, but with the SIMOCODE pro motor management system, a high degree of detail on status and performance of each motor load is now possible. This includes measured values such as:

  • Actual motor current
  • Motor voltage
  • Loss of load Cos
  • RTD temperatures
  • Analogue input mA values
With the system’s simple-to-read display, values and statistical data such as number of starts, number of stops, motor run time and number of overload trips can be monitored.

The SIMOCODE pro large itemised binary status reporting capability also gives details on:

  • Faults
  • Warnings
  • Motor direction
  • Phase status
  • Overload status
  • Hardware problems
  • Reporting an open circuit event on one of the analogue inputs
This information gives the user the ability to troubleshoot a motor load failure before it actually occurs.

An additional feature of the system is the fail-safe security of built-in redundancy. Although this is usually done at the distributed control system (DCS) level with dual processors, dual codes and dual networks, the SIMOCODE pro motor management system gives the users the ability of cellular process control should there be an automation system or network failure.

At the time of failure, the SIMOCODE pro motor management system takes over its single function until the automation system gets back online. The SIMOCODE pro motor management system gives an easy transfer of control by maintaining the portions of the process that must continue throughout interruptions and works immediately out of the box.

Siemens SIMOCODE pro V has been equipped with more features that include:

  • LCD text display operating panel (OP), which has 20 pre-defined display profiles
  • Graphic LCD for indication of measured values, status and diagnostic information
  • Four freely assignable buttons and LEDs
  • Four menu and scroll buttons
  • Three status LEDs
  • Sheets of pre-punched legend strips that can be customised using a conventional computer printer
  • New decoupling module (DCM) for measuring voltage in ungrounded systems
Siemens have extended the overload protection to a higher amperage level and added scaling capability. Now, standard interposing current transformers for each of the three phases can be used in conjunction with the Siemens CT modules, which gives the enhanced SIMOCODE pro V the ability to handle and fully protect up to 8kA on the primary side.

The SIMOCODE ES professional software can scale the primary-to-secondary ratios while maintaining accurate thermal overload curves for these larger amperage loads. Reporting power consumption is also available. The enhanced version can now integrate the KW overtime to report measured power usage in kilowatt-hours (KWh). There is also an online strip chart viewing functionality built into the system software. Up to five strip charts can be included in the same y-t diagram that is displayed. Values are made available with the SIMOCODE ES professional software.

The enhanced SIMOCODE pro V also features arithmetic function blocks so that any analogue value can be adjusted or converted to another analogue value. This makes common process requirements, such as converting Kelvin (K) to Celsius (°C) or converting % of current ratio for the set current (ls) to full load current in amps (A), easy as they are managed at the system’s component level and not the higher controller level.

The enhanced version is suitable for all S7-300/400 PLCs with net routing capability and can be integrated as an S7-slave (OM object in HW). When using a 3TK safety relay in combination with SIMOCODE pro C and V, it is now available for Safety Category 2 and 4 with monitored start. The new version is suitable for DOL, Reversing, star or delta, pole changing and Dahlander starting.

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24/07/2012 - Simocode is a modular system which includes a measuring module. The measuring module comes in two formats: 1) current measuring using a 3 Phase CT; 2) current and voltage measuring module using a CT/VT.

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