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Siemens energy performance contracting provides reductions in energy consumption

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Siemens  energy performance contracting provides reductions in energy consumption and in turn, the carbon footprint left by the customers, while also providing assurance that their investment will deliver the agreed cost savings.

Penrith Council’s energy performance contract with Siemens has optimised the energy efficiency of existing systems and provided upgrades where cost effective, focusing on lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management systems, environmental system controls, motors, domestic water heating, air distribution systems and water consumption.

The existing electronic controls have been replaced with the Siemens Apogee building automation system (BAS), to deliver efficient air-conditioning, associated water usage and lighting for the Council’s buildings from one central control point. The BAS incorporates:

  • Chiller sequencing, loading and unloading sequencing
  • Night purge of the air conditioning system
  • Time scheduling of mechanical ventilation systems
  • Fan coil unit systems control by the building management system
  • Demand kW management
  • Outside air reset of space temperature set points
  • Alternative scheduling for reduced occupancy on the air conditioning plant
  • Daylight lighting control
  • Integrated control of all mechanical plants and equipment
  • Occupancy and standby modes for areas served by fan coil units, and importantly
  • Comprehensive and real time reporting on energy consumption throughout the facilities including electrical, gas and water usage, providing accurate and up-to-date reports for environmental performance benchmarking

Siemens have also provided the energy monitoring and controlling (EMC) package, encompassing a web-based user inter­face. This powerful energy analysis pro­gram automatically generates the various consumption and emission reports, which are then accessed by Penrith Council at any time and from any location through the Internet.

The savings achieved have exceeded the levels guaranteed as a part of the energy performance contract, ensuring that Penrith Council in turn exceeds their objectives for the Sustainable Penrith Programme. According to Graham Howe, Building Projects Co-ordinator, Penrith Council, with the systems performing at up to 171% of contracted expectations, we know we made the right choice by partnering with Siemens.

Through the energy performance contracting technology solution, per year Siemens have delivered Penrith Council with up to:

  • 167% of electricity savings
  • 171% of greenhouse gas reduction
  • Savings of more than $640,000 in electricity and water charges
  • A reduction of over 4,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to tak­ing 1,000 cars off the road or supplying enough power for an additional 850 new energy efficient houses

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