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Siemens’ Apogee Building Automation System used by the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board

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Siemens ’ building automation systems provide customers with an integrated solution that has the performance and flexibility for demanding applications and requirements.

The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) is always looking for better and more efficient ways to respond to emergencies and manage facilities. Siemens were able to apply their Apogee Building Automation System (BAS) to answer the MFB’s call for an integrated emergency response and environmental control solution.

As described by Cliff Dunk, MFB Project Supervisor Maintenance Services, Siemens have provided a totally integrated building automation solution to meet the MFB’s unique and specific needs.

According to Dunk, the MFB needs to respond quickly to any emergency without delay. This involves a huge amount of coordinated activity, all of which needs to be completed in a very short amount of time. Considering this vital requirement, the need to upgrade the MFB’s existing environmental control systems and to provide information that would assist in meeting our environmental sustainability goals, Siemens integrated all of their stations’ functions, enabling the MFB to monitor and control them quickly and easily.

The Apogee BAS enables the fire stations to respond to an emergency quickly and efficiently. When called to an emergency, the system does everything from opening the appliance bay doors, to turning on the external warning lights and turning off the electricity in the station’s kitchen if the fire fighters are cooking when the call comes in. Fire fighters need only to get into their gear, jump into the truck and hit the accelerator to respond to the emergency.

The BAS also provides an upgrade from the previous analogue building environmental control system to a digital system, which allows for remote access, central control and monitoring of the facilities.

The benefits of this new digital system include:

  • Accurate control of the existing air conditioning plant
  • Flexibility in control
  • Remote visibility for the MFB
The BAS also supports the MFB’s aims to conserve water, paper, fuel and energy. The system incorporates energy monitoring and controlling (EMC) capability, which enables the MFB to accurately measure its energy use and control it accordingly, in order to reduce CO2 emissions and minimise its impact on the environment.

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