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SINAMICS S120 - the universal drive concept

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article image Includes a ‘plug and play’ drive system.

SIEMENS has launched SINAMICS S120, a modular system for high-performance applications in industrial machine building and plant construction.

With its innovative hardware and software concept, SINAMICS S120 solves many sophisticated drive tasks for a wide range of industrial applications.

SINAMICS S120 includes high-performance single-motor drives as well as coordinated drives (for multi-axis applications) with vector and servo functionality.

It covers the complete power range and all supply voltages in different designs. SINAMICS S120 can therefore be flexibly used in every industry sector.

The program’s solutions are structured in the form of modular axis groups instead of individual axes. Instead of connecting each individual axis all of the components are electronically connected. Costs are significantly reduced thanks to greatly simplified engineering and faster commissioning.

With SINAMICS S120, the control unit with its selected function options defines whether servo or vector functionality is to be used. Vector control is recommended for drive solutions used in continuous material webs using favourably-priced standard induction motors (for example, wire-drawing, foil and paper machines) as well as hoisting gear, centrifuges and marine drives with smooth harmonious rotary motion.

Servo control is used for cyclic processes (ie packaging machines) employing servomotors with precise, high-speed position control. The highest dynamic response and accuracy are achieved using DSC (Dynamic Servo Control) - a special variant of servo control.

SINAMICS S120 perfects the principle of a modular design. This has been achieved by separating the drive converter into a control unit and motor module.

Pre-assembled cables are used to connect all of the components - including motors and encoders - via the DRIVE-CLiQ electronic interface. An integrated, seamless communicating system is achieved.

Option cards that can be inserted into the control units expand the communication capabilities. With SINAMICS S120, the engineer assembles only the configuration that is required for the application from a harmonised spectrum of components.

The electronic type plate in each of the components is an important element when digitally inter-linking the SINAMICS S120 drive system. They allow the drive components to be automatically identified via the DRIVE-CLiQ cable. This eliminates manual data input while commissioning the system or when replacing components. For example, parameters of the electrical equivalent circuit and the characteristic values of the integrated motor encoder are saved in the electronic motor type plates. These plates also contain data such as ordering and unique identification numbers.

SINAMICS S120 not only reduces the commissioning costs, but also those associated with service. The SINAMICS S120 components replaced during repair or service are automatically identified via their electronic type plates. This drive system really is ‘plug and play’, as the pre-assembled DRIVE-CLiQ cables only have to be inserted - and rating plate data does not have to be manually entered.

SINAMICS S120 reduces the costs for installing safety related systems and their acceptance by the appropriate regulatory bodies. This is because SINAMICS S120 drives have integrated, certified safety-related functions.

Features include:

* Control units control the drive, process technological functions and provide the central link to higher-level control systems

* Motor modules supply power to the connected motors

* Line modules supply the central dc link, handle the regenerative feedback and compensate for line fluctuations

* Electronic options expand the functionality and implement the various interfaces to encoders and process signals

* Dc link components can be optionally used to stabilise the dc link voltage

* Line-side power components such as fuses, contactors, reactors and filters round-off the system

* High dynamic performance and precise: 32-bit technology

* Fast: Short current rise times

* Universal: For synchronous and induction motors

* Rugged: High overload factor

* Safe: Safety integrated

* Flexible and simple: BICO technology

* Plug and play: DRIVE-CLiQ makes it possible.

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