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SIMATIC WinCC Flexible 2005 is the latest version of HMI software from Siemens , providing improved engineering performance, traceability and validation features for regulated industries, support for numerous new devices and various other enhancements.

WinCC Flexible 2005 enables the universal configuration of all Windows based SIMATIC HMI operator devices ranging from the smallest micro panel up PC based solutions.

WinCC Flexible 2005 has support for new devices in the SIMATIC HMI panel family, improved engineering features and performance, new traceability and "ready for validation" capabilities that are a first for non-PC based HMI software.

SIMATIC WinCC Flexible 2005 includes engineering software of varying functionality for all operator devices (Windows CE Panels) and PC-based systems; runtime software in various power tag sizes - WinCC Flexible Runtime for PC-based (single-user) systems and runtime option software for various functional enhancements.

WinCC Flexible 2005 features include:

Engineering Enhancements

* Optimised system performance

* (n-1) compatibility allowing saving of projects in 2004 format

* Import mechanism for tag lists

* Text import/export in xls format (Unicode)

* Enhanced project documentation capabilities

* Transfer of configuration data on PROFIBUS via routing (with S7 controllers)

Traceability and "Ready for Validation"

* Validation support for engineering and runtime systems

* Tracing of manufacturing processes via audit trails

* Enhancements to user administration, e.g. password ageing

* Available on HMI platforms from 270 series panels up to PCs.

Numerous system optimisations have been implemented providing a more fluid workflow during engineering, improved configuration data handling and management and faster starting of software.

The import of tags and PLC connections via csv files is now supported. Additionally converters for 3rd party PLC programming software packages (Rockwell RS Logix 500 [Modicon Telemecanique PL7 and GE Fanuc VersaPro are under preparation]) that convert the manufacturer-specific formats into the csv format for WinCC Flexible.

Text import/export is possible in xls format, whereby any text from the configuration can be further processed with external tools in Unicode, for example, for the translation into another language by a service provider. This is of particular interest to global exporting machine manufacturers, who require their WinCC flexible configurations translated into Asian symbolic languages (Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese).

The (n-1) compatibility makes it possible for a project created with WinCC flexible 2005 to be saved in the format "WinCC flexible 2004 SP1". Thus, for example, the project can be opened onsite with WinCC flexible 2004 and be transferred to a target system that is still equipped with the WinCC flexible 2004 Runtime software. It is not necessary to upgrade the onsite operator device to the latest version of WinCC flexible.

The handling of graphics of different formats has been improved. Supplied graphics and users’ own pictures can be displayed via a graphics browser, edited and placed in a process screen via drag and drop. If graphics are to be edited, the corresponding external editor will automatically open.

With the function "Set Bit while Key pressed", buttons can now execute this action with a single function, eliminating the need for two functions.

Enhanced project documentation now enables the optional printing of the tab order or the reporting of the screens with/without permanent window. Additionally, screens are now stored as emf files in the project folder. ProAgent engineering data can be printed out as well.

Provided all networks and connected devices are configured with NetPro and the HMI configuration station (PC) is connected to MPI/Profibus, the configuration data in WinCC flexible 2005 can be transferred by means of routing. In this case, the download path is automatically determined with the help of internal routing tables from NetPro. This functionality is not available for the OP 73, OP 77A and TP 177A devices.

With WinCC flexible 2005, "Ready for Validation" now also applies to machine-oriented applications, not only SCADA solutions as was previously the case.

The new runtime option WinCC flexible /Audit is used for logging operator actions in WinCC flexible Runtime as well as on Simatic Panels (270 series or higher) in an audit trail.

The option WinCC flexible/Audit meets the essential requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for applications requiring validation according to CFR 21 Part 11 in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. At the same time, the audit trails are also suitable for tracing manufacturing processes.

Easy-to-use configuration steps specify which operator actions are to be logged in an audit trail during runtime and which important runtime operator actions require electronic signatures/comments.

The archived audit trails can be visualised with any display tool suitable for csv files. With minimal configuration work it can then be precisely determined who operated what and when. Also, a checksum procedure controls whether the data in the audit trail is free from unauthorised manipulation.

WinCC Flexible/Change Control is used for tracking engineering changes and version management of WInCC Flexible projects and can now be used with WinCC Flexible Compact, Standard and Advanced.

Enhancements to user administration - such as password aging or the request to change the password after the first login - are also now standard features of WinCC flexible.

WinCC Flexible 2005 now uses the Automation License Manager (ALM) for the management of licenses. ALM can be used for new as well as existing licenses.

The ALM also supports:

* Floating licenses

* Trial licenses (14 days)

* Transfer of licenses via network, USB stick or any license key disk

* Offline (fax/email) license transfer.

Customers with current Protool / WinCC Flexible Software Update Service contracts will automatically receive WinCC Flexible 2005.

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