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SCALANCE X005 industrial Ethernet switch

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article image Features FastConnect (FC) quick-installation system.

THE range of SCALANCE X switches in the SIMATIC NET product family has been expanded. With the introduction of the SCALANCE X005, Siemens can now provide a switch for the industrial Ethernet entry level.

SCALANCE X005 has five RJ45 10/100MBit/s ports and is suitable for the design of small autonomous industrial Ethernet islands in star and line structures.

The product is a cost-optimised solution for the design of small star or line structures with switching functionality in isolated machines or plant sections.

The SCALANCE X005 has a robust metal housing (IP30) for space-saving mounting in a cubicle, on a standard mounting rail, S7-300 mounting rail or for direct wall mounting.

The holding flanges on the RJ45 ports integrated on the front of the housing, together with the industrial Ethernet FastConnect IE FC RJ45 Plug, ensure permanent and reliable data communication.

The combination of holding flange and IE FC RJ 45 Plug unloads the RJ45 socket of the switch from tensile and bending stress.

The SCALANCE X005 Industrial Ethernet switch has a 24V dc voltage supply.

The SCALANCE X-005 series have new strain relief sleeves on electrical ports, which when used with PROFINET compliant industrial Ethernet connectors, for example, FastConnect RJ45 Plug 180, provides improved tensile and bending force resistance (from the connected data cables) in comparison with standard RJ45 connectors.

The FastConnect (FC) quick-installation system for industrial Ethernet assists the configuration of industry-compatible network structures within the shortest possible time.

FastConnect is very easy to use and the connector on the respective SCALANCE X-005 product ensures rugged and reliable data communication.

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