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New, backlash-free Flender couplings facilitate high positional accuracy

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article image Flender Bipex-S and Flender Sipex couplings

Siemens announces the release of the new backlash-free Flender Bipex-S and Flender Sipex couplings. The latest addition to their range, both coupling versions can be used in production machines and machine tools as well as in automation engineering applications. 

Available in various sizes, the new couplings can be installed in integrated drive systems, frequently in combination with servo motors. While Bipex-S torsionally flexible elastomer couplings are used in applications subject to vibration and shocks, Sipex metal bellows couplings are used in drives that require an absolutely angle-preserving torque transmission.

Siemens’ new backlash-free couplings address high-precision applications in machine tool manufacturing, control engineering and processing industries that demand a great deal of performance, quality and precision as well as process reliability. Combined with reliable power transmission, the backlash-free couplings form a modular interface between the motor and the drive machine, also compensating for offsets between the coupled units.

Key features of Bipex-S couplings include breakdown-resistant and vibration-damping characteristics; high power density and electrically isolating properties protecting against leakage currents; high degree of positional accuracy reducing wear on the system through lower peak loads and vibrations; axial plug-in enabling blind assembly; and jaws of coupling hubs providing emergency running properties if the elastomer wears away completely.

Key features of the extremely torsionally rigid Sipex couplings include angle-preserving torque transmission providing highest positional accuracy; non-wearing and maintenance-free qualities reducing unplanned system and machine downtime to increase system availability; excellent, true-running properties to suit high speeds; low restoring forces; almost no bearing load in the coupled machines; and good power density.

Both Bipex-S and Sipex Flender couplings are each available in six hub versions, enabling optimal connection to the shaft ends of the coupled units. The two backlash-free coupling versions deliver multiple benefits include low moment of inertia, minimal installation space requirement, easy mounting and suitability for integrated drive systems. 

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