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New SIRIUS 3RK3 modular safety systems from Siemens

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With the new Sirius 3RK3 modular safety system (MSS), Siemens have offered an enhanced safety solution, that combines the functionality of a simple safety relay and a fail-safe programmable logic controller (PLC).

The core of the system is the central unit that contains: 

  • Eight safety-related inputs 
  • One safety-related relay output
  • One safety-related output
Up to seven safety or standard expansion modules can be connected to the central unit. The expandability makes the system easily scalable for applications from 3 to 40 safety functions.

The 3RK3 modular safety system can provide significant savings where several safety relays are required to combine various safety functions as no wiring is required due to its modular design.

The Siemens 3RK3 modular safety system offers users a substantial reduction on future installation costs when circumstances change or additional functionality is required. Extra functions can be added by installing additional expansion modules.

Another feature of the modular safety system is the ES (MSS ES) parameterisation software that has the ability to replace the wiring of individual functions by fast and easy on line parameterisation.

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