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New ET 200pro IP65/67 distributed I/O system is now available

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article image Diagnostics of short circuits and wire breaks can be provided down to channel level.

SIEMENS’ SIMATIC ET 200pro is a compact, rugged and high-performance I/O system with IP65/67 protection.

The elimination of the control cabinet means it can be directly mounted on the machine. Its modular and multi-functional structure allows flexible, customised, distributed automation solutions to be implemented.

ET 200pro can be implemented to match the site requirements. It has connectivity to the well-proven fieldbuses PROFIBUS and PROFINET, the open Industrial Ethernet standard for company-wide automation.

In addition to standard IP67 digital/analogue I/O, the ET200PRO also supports safety expansion modules for automation tasks with maximum safety demands.

ET 200pro offers comprehensive diagnostics to reduce the downtime of a company’s plant. Diagnostics of short circuits and wire breaks can be provided down to channel level. These diagnostics messages are can be made available to the operator interfaces in plain text without any additional engineering thanks to totally integrated automation.

The ET 200PRO is compact and up to 16 modules can be combined as required over a length of up to one metre. The build as you go backplane modules are simply latched into the module carrier and pushed into each other.

The selected electronic module (digital/analogue in/out) clips into the backplane. These modules are easily replaced during normal operation (hot swapping). The station therefore remains functional in the event of a fault.

The connection module complete with independent wiring is secured with two screws. The preassembled connecting cables can be attached quickly and easily. Each M12 socket can be either single or dual channel.

A wide variety of different sensors and actuators can therefore be connected without the need for additional accessories such as Y connectors or Y leads. This not only reduces the wiring but also the costs for accessories and parts inventories.

The ET 200PRO supports the open standard networks PROFIBUS and PROFINET, the new industrial Ethernet automation standard. Communication and power connection can be via cable gland, ECOFAST or M12 connectors.

All interface modules for PROFIBUS have visible address setters and as well as a selectable terminating resistors. The integrated T functionality permits powering down the ET 200PRO and exchange of interface modules without affecting PROFIBUS nodes downstream. This avoids the need for external T connections and additional wiring.

The interface module for PROFINET contains an integrated 2-port switch for easy configuration of a line structure. The PROFINET interface module also includes a micro memory card for storing parameters. This enables configuration free replacement if required.

The ET 200PRO module range starts with standard digital and analogue input/output modules with diagnostic capability down to the channel level. All connections are via standard M12 connectors.

ET 200PRO can also be used with IP67 safety I/O. The safety modules can be used in their own station or mixed with standard modules. Together with the failsafe SIMATIC S7-300F and S7-400F controllers, SIL 3 (EN 61508) and Category 4 (EN 954-1) safety automation tasks can be solved on location and without cabinets. Failsafe communication between the ET 200PRO and the associated failsafe CPU is certified both on PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Power modules allow multiple load groups in a single station to be created as required. All power modules and interface modules have built-in fuses, ensuring that neither total failure of all load groups nor damage outside the station can occur.

The ET 200PRO range will continue to expand with soon to be released integrated IP67 motor starters, frequency converters and MOBY RFID modules.

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