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article image Siemens’ new motor management system, Simocode pro.

SIMOCODE pro is the new motor management system from Siemens Industrial Automation and Control (IAC) for motors in the low-voltage range.

The system is the intelligent link between the automation system and the motor feeder. It offers extensive motor control and protection functionality.

The detailed operating, service and diagnostic data provided by Simocode pro boosts plant availability and generates savings at every stage of implementation: construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the plant.

Simocode pro is fully compatible with its predecessor system Simocode-DP.

Simocode pro can be easily connected directly to higher-level automation systems via Profibus DP. It covers every aspect of functionality between the motor feeder and the automation system and unites all the necessary protection, monitoring and control functions for every motor feeder in one compact system.

The associated software, Simocode ES, creates the conditions for consistent, time-saving parameterisation, configuration and diagnostics.

The features of the new motor management generation include multifunction electronic full motor protection, along with flexible software for motor control and constantly available detailed operating, service and diagnostic data.

Additional logic functions enable internal logic to be set up using the truth tables, timers, counters, limit monitoring functions and power failure monitoring. Not only can Simocode pro achieve this functionality as part of an automation system but also as a stand alone intelligent motor control solution.

Simocode pro is available in two separate series with different levels of functions. Simocode pro C (Compact) is the compact motor management system for direct online starters and reversing starters. Simocode pro V (Variable) is the variable motor management system with a wide range of functions including voltage monitoring and power monitoring.

Both product series consist of a basic unit and a separate current sensing module for rated motor currents between 0.3A and 820A. As an option, an operator panel can be connected to the basic unit for installation in the control cabinet door.

There are various expansion modules for Simocode pro V that allow the addition of extra inputs/outputs, ground fault monitoring with a summation current transformer, temperature monitoring (for example, PT100/PT1000) and process monitoring via analogue inputs and outputs.

Thanks to the compactness and modularity of Simocode pro it can be used in any motor control centre and be customised to specific applications.

Simocode pro V is easy to integrate into any plant configuration. With the associated PCS 7 library it can be integrated into the Simatic PCS 7 process control system, or into a Simatic S7 controller with the OM Simocode pro object manager.

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