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Latest version of Siemens SCADA software

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WINCC Version 6 SP4 is the latest version of SCADA software from Siemens , providing new software support, improved engineering and runtime performance, traceability and validation features for regulated industries and various other enhancements.

New features include Microsoft software support including Microsoft Windows 2003 Server SP1, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 (for single-user systems and clients) and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP4 is used as the database.

The SQL Server system administrator password can now be assigned by the user and supports adherence to company password conventions.

SIMATIC NET software integration

Softnet S7 Lean for Industrial Ethernet is included free-of-charge with every new WinCC licence (from version 6.0 SP3 onwards).

This SIMATIC NET software supports up to a maximum of 8 S7 connections via an Ethernet network card.

SIMATIC NCM PC is included within the scope of supply with WinCC. NCM PC enables vastly improved handling of WinCC projects in an integrated environment without the need for Step7.

Simplified loading of WinCC projects (as well as redundant systems) onto target systems is possible with a mouse click.

Licence management

WinCC Version 6 SP3 and later uses the Automation License Manager (ALM) for the management of licenses. ALM provides increased flexibility for the handling of licences including:

* Floating licences for engineering (RC) licences for on-demand use by engineering users

* Transportation of licences via USB memory sticks.

ALM can be used for new as well as existing licences.

Analysis functions (from version 6.0 SP3)

New analysis functions are now incorporated into the trend and alarm display controls enabling statistical analysis of such data online.

For trend data, a time period can be selected and the results shown in a statistics windows for: minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation

For alarm data, alarm hit lists can be displayed showing:

* Frequency of a message

* Average and cumulative time span between incoming and outgoing

* Average and cumulative time span between coming and acknowledging of a message.

Numerous other enhancements have been made in the alarm and trend display controls for improved representation of historical data.

Improved support for CFR21 Part 11 compliance (from version 6.0 SP3)

WinCC V6.0 SP3 and later has enhanced support for the requirements for facility validation according to FDA Standards of the US Food and Drug Administration. This includes the following new functions:

* Signing-off of archives: Manipulations made to swapped-out archive data can be recognised

* Comments assigned to unique user: Message comments may only be modified by the message creator

* Project-wide formatting of date/time according to ISO Standard 8601: In runtime, a uniform display can be forced regardless of the settings of individual applications.

Other enhancements include:

* Improved VBS functionality and performance (from version 6.0 SP3)

* Extended support of quality code and tag status

* Archive tags for compressions archives that no longer contribute to the licence count of archive tags

* Improvements to Autostart of client without own project

* Picture windows extended by ‘Scroll Bar Position’ property

* Fading in and out of objects as a function of size

* Extended zooming for individual pictures

* Drag and drop to link user objects to structure tags

* For WinCC runtime reports, the operator now also has a preview function available

* Printout of message sequence report on a page printer

Option packages compatability.

The following WinCC options are also released with WinCC V6.0 SP4: WinCC/Server V6.0 SP4, WinCC/Redundancy V6.0 SP4, WinCC/User Archives V6.0 SP4, WinCC/ProAgent V6.0 SP3, WinCC/WebNavigator V6.1 SP1, WinCC/Dat@Monitor V6.1 SP1, WinCC/Audit V6.0 SP2, SIMATIC Logon Service V1.3, WinCC/Connectivity Pack V6.1 SP4, WinCC/ODK V6.0 SP4 and WinCC/IndustrialX V1.1.


Customers with current WinCC Comprehensive Support (Software Update Service) contracts will automatically receive WinCC V6.0 SP4.

Upgrade packages from WinCC V5 are available (see ordering data).

Customers with WinCC Version 6 licences are entitled to a free of charge upgrade.

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