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IWLAN/PB Link PN IO module from Siemens IAC

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IWLAN/PB Link PN IO module is now available from Siemens IAC .


The IWLAN/PB Link PN IO is an independent component, which provides a seamless gateway between industrial wireless LAN and PROFIBUS. By using the IWLAN/PB Link PN IO as a proxy, existing PROFIBUS devices can be used and further integrated in a PROFINET application.


The IWLAN/PB Link PN IO additionally provides the S7-Routing function:

  • Permitting network-crossing PG/OP communication, i.e. even the S7 stations on PROFIBUS can be remotely programmed via IWLAN from a PG connected to industrial Ethernet.
  • Visualisation data from S7 stations on PROFIBUS can be accessed via IWLAN from HMI stations connected to industrial Ethernet.
  • Compact router between industrial wireless LAN and PROFIBUS

Additional features:

  • Flexible integration of field level systems into an IWLAN radio infrastructure, according to IEEE 802.11b/g and IEEE 802.11a with up to 54 Mbit/s at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz with SCALANCE W access points
  • PROFINET IO proxy;
    connection of PROFIBUS DP slaves to PROFINET IO controller according to PROFINET standard:

From the viewpoint of the IO-controller, all DP slaves are handled like I/O devices with Ethernet interface, i.e. the IWLAN/PB Link PN IO is their proxy.
From the viewpoint of the DP slaves, the IWLAN/PB Link PN IO is the DP master

  • Connection of a WLAN antenna or alternatively an antenna for operation with an RCoax cable (leaky wave conductor)
  • Communication with programmable controllers in mobile applications, such as automated guided vehicles, storage and retrieval systems or monorail overhead conveyors
  • Direct substitution of solutions with Power Rail Booster for PROFIBUS with non-contact data transmission technology;
    Advantages: No wear of sliding contacts
  • For installation in the casing of the power rail booster (common with overhead conveyor and automated guided vehicles) to degree of protection IP20
  • High, reliable data throughput together with rapid roaming
  • High degree of protection against unauthorised access due to 128-bit encoding (AES)
  • Module replacement without the need for a programming device, using the C-PLUG swap media for backing up the configuration data
  • Integration in STEP 7
  • Support of the Profisafe Telegram allowing wireless Safety with Profibus devices.


The IWLAN/PB Link PN IO enables the use of IWLAN with RCoax and WLAN antennas for wireless and thus contact less data transmission for monorail suspended vehicles or shelf-access equipment, for instance. Due to PROFINET support, a variety of PROFIBUS system options, e.g. diagnostics via bus, can be used.

  • Suspended monorail vehicles:
    Vehicle controls for suspended monorail vehicles can be cost-effectively implemented on the basis of SIMATIC components. High availability, short response times and easy expandability are achieved by using distributed controllers, e.g. SIMATIC ET 200S IM151/CPU. By using a IWLAN/PB Link PN IO, the vehicle controllers can be re-used without any changes. The user can then program them remotely with SIMATIC STEP 7 via IWLAN.
  • Shelf-access systems:
    In the case of shelf-access systems maintenance-intensive data light barriers can be replaced by a IWLAN solution; This will increase the availability of the system.

Typical system configuration of suspended monorail vehicles

Depending on the route, the vehicles move from one RCoax segment to the next and are automatically transferred to the next SCALANCE W788-1RR access point. Handing over to the next access point by means of Rapid Roaming is without any interruption of the continuous data communication (PROFINET IO) to the central plant control. In addition, a Field PG can be used to access the vehicle controllers at any time from a central location for configuration or diagnostics purposes (S7 Routing).

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