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IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface modules for wireless connections available from Siemens

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article image The IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module

The new Profinet ready wireless interface module enables the higher IP rated ET200pro distributed I/O system to communicate through industrial wireless LAN. The IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN module, available from Siemens , can be operated on an industrial wireless LAN access point in a 2.4GHz or 5GHz IWLAN radio network with maximum data rates of up to 54Mbit/s.

The IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module enables the ET 200pro system to be employed for applications where a wired solution could only be implemented at high cost due to wear and tear, separation and inaccessibility.

The IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module can be used in the following applications:

  • Driverless transport systems
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Goods transport
  • Electrical trolley conveyors
  • Building management
  • Service applications

The IM 154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module communicates through industrial wireless LAN access points with PROFINET I/O controllers according to IEC 61158 standard.

The IM 154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module consists of:

  • An interface unit (IWLAN radio card compatible with IEEE 802.11a/h/b/g and IEEE 802.11e/i)
  • A connection unit

The interface unit and the connection unit are supplied together with the terminating module. The directly or separately mounted antennas are connected to the interface module through a screwed connection (R-SMA). The device name and the user and configuration data can be stored on a SIMATIC micro memory card.

In addition to a reliable radio link, following are the features of IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN interface module:

  • IEEE 802.11b/ g/ a/ h for different frequency ranges
  • IEEE 802.11e for multimedia, wireless multimedia (WMM)
  • IEEE 802.11i for security
  • Maximum transmission speed (gross data rate) 54Mbit/s
  • Transmission method (physical layer)
  • Direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)
  • Complementary code keying (CCK)
  • Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)

Following are the frequency bands, channels and transmission power for the IM154-6 PN HF IWLAN module:

  • 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz, 13 channels and 20dBm
  • 5.15GHz to 5.25GHz, 4 channels and 23dBm
  • 5.25GHz to 5.35GHz, 4 channels and 23dBm
  • 5.47GHz to 5.725GHz, 11 channels and 30dBm
  • Supported industrial wireless LAN services
  • Optimised media access with industrial point coordination function (iPCF)
  • Uninterrupted change of radio cell with rapid roaming (RR)
  • Mechanisms against noise with dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and transmission
  • Power control (TPC)
  • Two antennas can be used to optimise data transmission security

A high degree of security is achieved with the WPA2/IEEE 802.11i mechanism. Here, modern procedures have been defined that control both a regular change of the complete 128-bit key, as well as access control (authentification) of subscribers. The advanced encryption standard (AES) is used for data encryption. To configure the ET 200pro with IM 154-6 PN HF IWLAN (configuration and parameterisation) users require the STEP 7 V5.4 + Service Pack 4 + HSP 0165 or higher configuration software.

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