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article image The SIMATIC ET 200S I/O.

SIEMENS’ SIMATIC ET 200S range of remote I/O features high modularity and high functionality in a single system.

Remote I/O requirements can be met by selecting for an extensive range of modules for standard I/O, safety I/O, motor starters, drives and intelligent modules.

The ET 200S COMPACT adds a new high density block style I/O option to the ET 200S range.

he ET 200S COMPACT offers:

* Reduction in cabinet space required through reduced foot print

* Lower cost per I/O point

* Simple connection to Profibus, the leading fieldbus worldwide.

The ET 200S COMPACT is the successor product for ET 200B and ET 200L-SC.

With ET 200S COMPACT, the distributed I/O system features a high channel density option.

The ET 200S COMPACT is available in two versions:

* Pure digital input module 32DI standard, 24Vdc, 3ms

* Combined digital I/O module 16DI standard 24Vdc, 3ms/16DO standard 24Vdc, 0.5A.

The ET200S COMPACT can be expanded as required.

Up to 12 modules from the ET 200S product range (except safety) can be connected to the base module. In total up to 80 channels (digital and analog mixed) can thus be operated in one station.

The electronic module includes both the PROFIBUS interface and the I/O module. It is snapped onto a terminal module. No tools are required for assembly or for replacement.

A clever snap-in mechanism permits quick and easy removal or insertion of the electronic module. The process wiring remains in place. This is ‘genuine permanent wiring’, because it is possible to pre-wire the terminal module without the electronic module.

The terminal module is optionally available with screw or spring-loaded terminals. The basic version permits the connection of sensors and actuators in 2-wire technique.

Easy snap-on auxiliary terminal blocks with 120mm width are available as accessories. The auxiliary terminal blocks have 40 terminals in 4 load groups. Groups of ten terminals are already bridged internally.

Jumpers are available to form between 1 and 4 load groups with different potentials (max. 24Vdc). In this way the auxiliary terminal blocks enable direct connection of 3 and 4-wire sensors or actuators without the need for separate terminals.

The ET 200S COMPACT auxiliary terminal blocks can also be used on the existing 15mm and 30mm wide ET 200S terminal modules. Two preconditions must be met in this case:

1) Total width of terminal modules (15mm or 30mm) must be at least 120mm.

2) Only terminal modules of a single type (15mm or 30mm) may be used over the width of 120mm.

Features include:

* Smaller width and thus less space required than with previous solutions based on ET 200B and/or ET 200S. For example 16DI/16DO => ET 200S COMPACT requires approximately 40% less space compared to ET 200S in usual design.

* Smaller width also permits the use of smaller and more compact terminal boxes.

* The ET 200S compact can be expanded using the full ET 200S product range (except safety).

* Up to 80 channels can be connected behind a header module, therefore there is less PROFIBUS connectors and wiring.

* Common spares with ET 200S standard reduces required spares inventory.

* Know how conservation - the ET 200S COMPACT is configured the same as standard ET 200S.

* Simple looping of the supply voltage by specially provided aux. Terminals, therefore no two wires are needed under the one terminal.

* Power module included.

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