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article image The TP177A offers new graphical, functional and mounting possibilities.

SIEMENS’ TP177A is a low end touch panel based on a new innovated hardware platform and is the successor product for the TP170A.

The TP177A is a new low end graphical touch panel that can be mounted and configured in landscape or portrait modes.

The device includes onboard interface for PPI/MPI networking to S7-200/300/400 controllers and is configurable with WinCC flexible Compact 2004 SP1 or higher security functions.

Features include:

* 5.7" graphical touch display, 4 blue levels

* Completely smooth front

* Can be mounted and graphically configured for either portrait or landscape modes

* Compact space saving design (same dimensions as TP070 and TP170)

* Larger user memory (512kB), enabling larger configurations (vs. TP170A)

* Vector graphics for improved screen designs

* 5 online languages, including Cyrillic and Asian

* New functions within the scope of the WinCC flexible configuration software.

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