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Failsafe controllers for Simatic S7

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article image Siemens new controllers offer “integrated safety”.

SIEMENS Automation and Drives (A&D) has added a series of new products to its safety integrated range. These include new failsafe CPUs for Simatic S7-300 and S7-400.

Small applications can be safely automated by means of a failsafe process master unit (PMU) for the distributed ET 200S I/O devices.

Based on an integrated platform, a wide range of precisely scalable safety products is now available for both small and sophisticated safety tasks. The new Version 5.2 of the "Distributed Safety" software package lets users create safety solutions efficiently.

The new failsafe S7-315F-CPU for Simatic S7-300 features a larger working memory, bigger process image and more compact design than the previous model.

The new CPU is less than half as wide as the previous one. There is also a failsafe controller for the high-end range, the Simatic-S7-416F-CPU.

The IM 151-7 F-CPU interface module for the distributed I/O station ET 200S is used as a failsafe PMU directly on-site on the machine.

That enables safe automation of small applications with fast response times. As a result, failsafe applications are modular and can be expanded as required.

The new Version 5.2 of the "Distributed Safety" software package features libraries certified by the German technical inspectorate and clearly structured examples which help users efficiently program their automation tasks.

The new failsafe Simatic controllers IM 151-7 F-CPU and S7-416F are programmed - like the S7-315F - with Step 7 in LAD (ladder diagram) and FBD (function block diagram).

These controllers offer the advantages of "integrated" safety. Special mechanisms stored in the CPU support smooth interaction between the safety and standard program.

Both can be processed separately, meaning finished or approved safety functions are already protected while the standard program can - as usual - be further refined. Therefore, time can be saved in fine-tuning the plant without affecting safety technology in any way.

Another innovation is the failsafe ET 200 I/O module - including inputs and outputs, power modules and motor starters.

The failsafe motor starter is the first one of its kind with up to 7.5 kilowatt switching power featuring failsafe shutdown without any additional components necessary.

The new components meet the following crucial specifications/standards: IEC 61508 (SIL 3), EN 954 (Category 4) and NFPA 79.

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