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ET200M remote I/O system with Profinet available from Siemens IAC

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Demands on manufacturing are always increasing – you are required to produce more, be more flexible and more innovative to survive in a competitive market.

These demands translate into additional requirements for your control system:

  • Increase plant output through faster automation systems and networks
  • Flexibility to mount control equipment where it is needed – not restricted by network topologies and medium
  • Minimise control cabinet space
  • Minimise downtime due to network and hardware faults
  • Simplified engineering of factory networks
  • Improved information transparency from the plant floor to management

Simatic ET 200M is a remote I/O system for Siemens S7 controllers.

Simatic ET 200M’s modular and multi-functional structure allows flexible distributed automation solutions to be implemented.

The modules used in an ET200M stations are the same modules in a S7-300 station.

This can reduce your spares holding and means the ET200M is a compact, space saving remote I/O option. The ET200M also features advanced diagnostics to channel level that is automatically reported to Siemens HMI panels and WinCC SCADA.

Profinet connectivity:

The ET200M system has now been expanded to include a Profinet interface module. Profinet is the industrial Ethernet open field bus for automation. Profinet allows simultaneous TCP/IP communication and real time communication for I/O, motion and more.

The ET200M Profinet features a built-in switch and two Ethernet ports to facilitate line the structures commonly required in automation networks.


The ET200M supports up to 12 modules per station. These modules can be digital, analogue, high speed counters, serial and positioning modules.

With Profinet, control and monitoring of these modules can occur in real time. Hot swapping of modules is supported (with active backplane) allowing module replacement in operation.


The modules for ET200M are identical to S7-300 and therefore can use the same smart wiring options.

Simatic Top Connect makes wiring fast and error free through pre-terminated cables that plug in directly to terminal blocks. The terminal blocks are available with LED indication and isolating relays if required.

The Simatic ET 200M remote I/O system is available from Siemens Industrial Automation & Control.

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