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Distributed safety concept in a PLC

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article image Siemens S7 315F PLC.

THE combination of safety and standard control functions in an otherwise standard member of the Siemens PLC family is one of the factors that makes the new S7 315F PLC stand out, according to Siemens application partner Industrial Control Technology (ICT ).

The new distributed safety concept from Siemens enables Ladder programming of safety functions in the same graphical environment used to configure normal Ladder code.

Editing of safety code is restricted by password, however access for fault finding can be obtained without password or any special tools.

Thus, the safety functions can be designed, reviewed, commissioned and locked in, while non-safety related code can be edited without restriction.

With this PLC being little more expensive than a standard PLC, customers are choosing to use it by default for every application, adding safety I/O as needed.

Using the ProfiSafe protocol on a standard Profibus network, and the ability to mix safety and standard I/O in a single I/O drop provides great flexibility to distribute I/O as required.

Special safety I/O modules integrate with standard I/O without external wiring to implement emergency stop and safety interlock functions.

Touch panels connected to the PLC provide integrated display of safety and standard process functions and diagnostics.

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