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64 Channel Digital I/O Modules from Siemens

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article image S7-300 / ET200M High Density 64 Channel Digital Modules

S7-300 / ET200M High Density 64 Channel Digital Modules:

Today’s competitive manufacturing environment means you are constantly under pressure it increase your performance while decreasing costs. The same applies to your control system.

  • Flexibility to mount control equipment where it is needed – not restricted by networks or architectures
  • Minimise control cabinet space
  • Minimise start up costs and time
  • Minimise ongoing spares and maintenance costs

The new innovations in the Siemens- Industrial Automation & Control S7 automation family can help you achieve this.

Simatic S7-300 and ET 200M I/O stations are high-density, modular and multi-functional. The contained digital, analogue, safety, positioning and communication modules satisfy the wide range of automation requirements.

High Density Digitals

The module range for S7-300 / ET200M has now been expanded to include new higher density 64 channel modules.

These modules are:

  • 64 channel digital input module (sink or source)
  • 64 channel digital output module (sink)
  • 64 channel digital output module (source)

The 64 channel modules occupy the same space as the existing 32 channel modules effectively halving the cabinet space required. The new 64 channel modules are also more cost effective per channel. This means cost savings in the automation hardware and cabinet construction.

Add to this the reduced spares holding due to the commonality of modules between the central controller rack and ET200M remote racks, your total cost of ownership can be significantly improved.

Installation and wiring

The high density 64 channel digital modules require equally high density wiring options. SIMATIC TOP Connect smart wiring systems ensure the wiring is as compact as the modules themselves.

Wiring is fast and error free through preterminated cables that plug in directly to terminal blocks. This replaces the individual wiring and field terminals that normally interfaces the controller I/O to the field wiring.

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