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Specialised drilling equipment from Sides Drilling Contractors

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Sides Drilling Contractors  deal with specialised equipment required to undertake drilling operations. They have a comprehensive range of equipment required for drilling and associated requirements.

Sides Drilling Contractors use multi purpose and specifically designed rigs to cater to the sectors like marine, marine and oil and gas industry. They have a wide range of rigs, pumps and other specialised equipment to operate at maximum capacity. The wide range of rigs includes the R68, the R69, the R70, the R75, the R76, the R77, the r78 and the R79. Sides Drilling Contractors also offer a range of barges including the Sideson 1 and 2 Jackup Barges.

Sides Drilling Contractors operate down hole hammers and offer gang designs in conventional and reverse circulation configurations. The gang hammers use multiple 12 inch hammer elements that can hammer a depth of upto 500 metres at 750mm diameter single pass.

Sides Drilling Contractors follow strict quality control standards. They are complaint with AS/NZS 4801 and AS/NZS 14001 standards for safety and environmental management. Sides Drilling Contractors is technology driven and innovative, developing in house technologies. They have designed, developed and manufactured special purpose drilling rigs in houses and residential complexes.

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