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Sidel Group's new branding strategy

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SINCE Sidel and Simonazzi merged in October 2005, the new Sidel Group has been able to offer a very comprehensive choice of fillers to the liquid industry.

After an in-depth analysis of the technical features of the respective fillers from Sidel and Simonazzi, compared to customers' expectations, the decision was made to specialise the brands by market categories:

* For beverages (beer, water, soft drinks, including hotfill machines) fillers will bear the Simonazzi brand.

* For sensitive liquids (aseptically filled and liquid dairy products) fillers will bear the Sidel brand.

* For food, fillers will bear the Sidel brand, always associated with the Hema name.

Today the Sidel Group offers the outcome of the integration and rationalisation of the former Sidel and Simonazzi filler portfolios, to ensure the most effective consequent branding.

Within the three categories, some of the individual machines have been renamed. Customers will thus find historical names (e.g. Simonazzi Eurotronica), unchanged names (e.g. Sidel FMm), and totally new names (e.g. Simonazzi Selecta).

This means customers can now more easily identify the best solution that fits their needs. Moreover, they can rely on the power of the new Sidel Group all over the world - with service units in 30 countries - to support the current installed base of 5,000 fillers.

They will also benefit from the enlarged resources and skills of the new Sidel Group in the filling field to serve the liquid food industry and to develop the leading filling technologies of the future.

The Sidel Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of equipment for packaging liquid foods (water, carbonated drinks, milk, sensitive drinks, oil, beer and alcoholic beverages).

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