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Bottling costs blown away

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After three years of research and development led by a team of 60 engineers and a 25 million investment, Sidel has launched its new generation of blowing machines.

The SBO Universal range is said to deliver a 20% reduction in plastic bottle blowing costs stemming from efforts targeting the blowing machine as well as the development of “bottle solutions.”

Thanks to new machine kinematics and a new 40 mm pitch oven to maintain heating times, Sidel has boosted production output by 12.5 %, now up to 1,800 bottles per mold.

In addition to these increased output rates, a major redesign effort has produced preforms and bottles that are better adapted to shrinkage laws in mold cavities and to advances in the blowing process.

SBO Universal blow-molding machines guarantee a yield of 97 %.

A reduction in low levels in the preform infeed system improves the blowing machine’s yield by at least 2 %.

The recycling belt keeps preforms from getting jammed inside one another.

If preforms are too numerous, they are automatically ejected onto orienting rollers and returned to the hopper.

The speed and number of preforms fed into the blow-molding machine are regulated.

A new machine program manages shutdowns and ensures a secure production environment.

And ejection zones for poorly loaded or non-conforming bottles and preforms help to limit unscheduled production shutdowns.

Sidel has unveiled significant advances in thermal conditioning of preforms. Its enhanced radiation oven technology offers excellent heating profile repeatability and stability.

The combination of heating flexibility and superior control of all production parameters increases process ranges and improves mechanical performance of bottles, paving the way for the production of lighter packaging.

In addition, a preform inspection and in-line bottle quality control option can be added to the system.

These developments in production quality result in a maximum scrap rate of 0.1 %.

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