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Document destruction services from Shredfast

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Shredfast  is a provider of security paper shredding, computer recycling, and document destruction services.

Shredfast’s mobile document destruction trucks can come to the worksite or residence to destroy sensitive, confidential or other information that must be permanently destroyed. There are strict guidelines for document destruction with regards to private information.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that just getting rid of redundant paperwork is sufficient. It is better to call in the experts to ensure that there is total and permanent document destruction.

If the information that was heading for recycling or landfill is intercepted, many potentially serious fraud crimes could be perpetrated. In the event of such fraud occurring, the company may be liable due to negligent document destruction.

Aside from the potential for criminal or fraudulent access to sensitive information, it is wise to protect the company from suffering by competitors finding out the plans. Shredfast’s document destruction service is thorough, not stopping just at paperwork.

Specially designed trucks and shredding equipment can easily destroy electronic data and even hardware such as computers or mobile phones. Any item that can store information can be handed over to Shredfast’s document destruction teams.

With identity theft on the rise, many crimes are a direct result of getting hold of personal information. A passport, or drivers licence can be fraudulently obtained once personal information is stolen. Nothing short of permanent document destruction will prevent this type of fraud. It is not just high level companies that require Shredfast’s services.

Any business or body that holds personal information needs to be careful how it disposes of this information once it no longer needs to keep it on premises. Even sporting clubs, and other membership based bodies need to ensure adequate document destruction when getting rid of old records.

Shredfast can save time and money. Instead of tying up resources and space with Shredfast’s own shredding equipment, it can just be contacted and the document destruction process can start.

It begins with placing the sensitive information or products into lockable holding bins. Shredfast then empties the bins into the paper shredders and immediately destroy the contents. A proof of document destruction certificate which complies with Australian company law is left on the premises.

Shredfast’s crew have passed the necessary police checks.

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