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Wireless fleet management system Shockwatch EquipManger from Shockwatch

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Shockwatch  provides management tools which facilitate point to point handling control from the manufacturer's warehouse to the customer's front door. Switched On is a distributor of Shockwatch products. Shockwatch products reduce the damage of goods in transit; increase workplace safety; improves customer service and increases profit margins through prevention of damaged goods and theft of goods in transit.

The ShockWatch EquipManager available from Shockwatch is a wireless fleet management system that ensures OSHA compliance. This management system also controls access, detects impacts, and monitors equipment operation; thus safety is improved and damage-related costs are reduced.

The ShockWatch EquipManager provided by Shockwatch incorporates the functions of both the ShockWatch ImpactManager and the ShockWatch UsageManager into a single wireless design. The impacts can be detected and the usage data can be collected in real time using the ShockWatch EquipManager.

The ShockWatch EquipManager provides a pre-shift safety checklist which is configurable. This checklist is accessible on an audio-visual display which inturn ensures OSHA compliance and increases safety in a facility. The enhanced tracking capabilities provided by the ShockWatch EquipManager helps in locating equipment quickly whenever required. The maintenance and training requirements of an organisation can be traced out from the automatic alerts received via e-mail, text message and phone and planning can be done accordingly.

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