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ShockWatch UsageManager from Shockwatch monitors equipment usage

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The ShockWatch UsageManager manufactured by Shockwatch is available from Switched On, which is a supplier of Shockwatch products. The ShockWatch UsageManager is useful for monitoring the usage of equipment accurately. The real-time data is transmitted to a management software program through wireless network. Manual retrieval of usage readings can be eliminated due to wireless transmission. The fleet equipment can be managed in a highly effective and efficient way.

Preventative maintenance of any equipment helps in extending the life of that equipment. The Shockwatch UsageManager provided by Shockwatch monitors the real-time usage data of equipment which is necessary for timely service and maintenance; cost of repair and replacement of equipment can be reduced, performance of the equipment can be improved and lifecycles of the equipment can be increased.

The management software of the ShockWatch UsageManager available from Shockwatch enables the user to view current fleet information and to set specific operational run-time flags. The ShockWatch UsageManager sends e-mails to the appropriate personnel when these flags elapse.

Various user-selected inputs like key switch time, hydraulic motor time and drive motor time can be managed using the ShockWatch UsageManager. The applications of the ShockWatch UsageManager include forklifts/material handling equipment, fleet vehicles, offshore drilling equipment and mining equipment. People-moving equipment and earth-moving equipment are also the applications of the ShockWatch UsageManager.

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