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ShockWatch ImpactManager monitors from Shockwatch

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The ShockWatch ImpactManager monitors manufactured by Shockwatch  are available from Switched On, distributor of Shockwatch products. These monitors control access, monitor usage and detect impacts. Thus unauthorized or careless operation of material handling equipment can be prevented and damage-related costs also can be reduced.

There are three versions of ShockWatch ImpactManager available from Shockwatch, namely, ImpactManager RF, ImpactManager ID, and ImpactManager SC. The access control, impact, and utilization monitoring devices which are suitable for use with material handling equipment are available in the form of ShockWatch ImpactManager RF and ShockWatch ImpactManager ID from Shockwatch. These devices have a design which reduces damage-related expenses due to improper operation and creates a safer work environment.

The Shockwatch ImpactManager RF and the Shockwatch ImpactManager ID can detect impacts when mounted to a forklift. These devices available from Shockwatch also record event details like, date, time, and driver ID. The recorded data is then transmitted through wireless network. The ShockWatch ImpactManager RF and the ShockWatch ImpactManager ID ensure that an equipment is operated by trained or certified drivers only, thus, control access.

The ShockWatch ImpactManager SC available from Shockwatch is an impact detection device. This device is designed for use with forklifts and other material handling equipment and uses an adjustable sensor for detecting impacts which exceed a threshold level.

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