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World's biggest hydraulic press using Shell lubricant

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Manufacturing company China Erzhong Heavy Industry has selected Shell Tellus S2 M 46 lubricant for its hydraulic press.

The company developed the world’s biggest hydraulic press, an 800 mega newton closed-die hydraulic forging machine.

It is working with Shell Lubricants to use hydraulic oil in the machine that meets its high pressure and high load requirements.

Hydraulic oil is one of the most critical components for resisting the extreme pressure and severe loads that components in the forging machine face. Featuring 30 high pressure cylinders and 60 piston pumps, the press has an initial fill of 400 kl and can reach oil pressure of up to 650 bars.

The Shell Tellus S2 M 46 prevents damaging deposits and sludge under hot and heavy conditions. It meets demanding cleanliness requirements of the DIN industry standard for extra protection, improved filter performance and less maintenance.

It is a high performance hydraulic fluid that uses Shell’s unique patented technology to resist breakdown under heat or mechanical stress.

It can be used for a wide range of stationary hydraulic applications with benefits of longer oil and equipment life.

It gives two and a half times longer oil life than the industry maximum to limit fluid degradation.

It protects components from damage by providing up to 82 per cent less wear than the maximum allowed in the industry-standard hydraulic pump tests.

It also provides up to 34 per cent faster air release for efficient hydraulic transmission and up to 50 per cent better filterability in the wet test procedure and good resistance to breakdown when  water is present for more efficient operation.

China Erzhong’s hydraulic press machine is used in the aviation, aerospace, nuclear power and petrochemical industries among others.

The machine processes ultra-high strength titanium and aluminium alloys, such as aeroplane body frames, nuclear power plant piping and turbines.

A new Shell lubricants technical centre will open in Shanghai in 2014. The new research centre will focus on next-generation automotive and industrial lubricants and greases.

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