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Wilson express clamping system available for any model of press brake

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Available for virtually any make and model of press brake, the Wilson express clamping system is uniquely designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. 

Load punches in a snap.
Loading punches has never been easier. The Wilson express clamping system completely eliminates the need to slide punches in from the end of the machine. Simply place 415mm long punches or individual pieces of sectionalized punches under the clamps and push them upward. The spring-loaded clamps capture the punch via safety groove and hold it in place until the clamps are locked. To lock the clamps, simply push the removable lever upward.

Unload punches quickly and easily.
Again, Wilson has eliminated the need to slide punches to the end of the machine. Simply pull down the locking lever to unlock the clamp. Or, to remove smaller punch sections, pushing inward on the tops of the clamps opens the clamps and allows the operator to pull individual sections straight down. Clamps that are not in use can easily be removed from the punch holders by hand.

No special tooling required.
Wilson express clamping systems can be used with any standard European (Promecam) style press brake tooling with a safety groove. The user can use the same high quality Wilson tooling they currently own, without having to repurchase the system for every tool they order.

Fewer Maintenance Costs.
Because the Wilson express clamping system is mechanical rather than hydraulic, maintenance costs are virtually eliminated. And with no hydraulics there’s no risk of power failures causing clamps to release unexpectedly.

Dual clamping available.
A dual clamping feature is available on all Wilson express clamping systems for an additional cost. This added feature allows the user to load punches with the safety groove facing forward or to the rear of the machine. Both front and rear clamps are opened and closed simultaneously when the locking lever is actuated. 

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