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Sheetmetal parting tool for Strippit machines

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STRIPPIT thin turret fabricators are about to experience a major boost in sheetmetal parting productivity from Wilson Tool International.

Following its runaway success in thick turret punching, the HP Dura-Blade parting tool is now available for Strippit thin turret machines.

Shops running this tool will see incredible productivity increases over standard tools in parting applications.

Increase sharpening intervals up to 100%

Ordinary tools simply can't withstand the relentless stresses of parting sheetmetal, but Dura-Blade is engineered with Wilson Tool's exclusive Ultima Premium Tool Steel.

Ultima sets a new benchmark for durability and performance, allowing fabricators to increase sharpening intervals by up to 100% over conventional steels. It comes standard on Dura-Blade's replaceable blade insert.

Ultima steel dramatically improves tool life when punching abrasive and high tensile strength materials.

With up to twice as long between regrinds, Ultima punches significantly reduce downtime and tool replacement costs.

Breaking, chipping, cracking, tool fatigue and other problems are minimised, providing long-term gains in productivity and profitability.

Dura-Blade incorporates the performance-driven advantages of Wilson Tool's HP line, including side-mounted push-button adjustments and a quick release stripper plate retention system, which allow for blade insert changes by removing a single bolt.

Dura-Blade is also fully guided for maximum support and accuracy at the punching surface.

The Dura-Blade is available from Sheetmetal Tooling .

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