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Insertion press available from Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

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Touch screen: PC based touch-screen controller 12.1” colour touch screen, 800 X 600 resolution, 3.2 GB hard drive, 16 MB Ram, Intel Pentium 166 MHz processor, Ethernet Port, external floppy port, mouse and keyboard ports, external monitor port. Power input – 24 VDC, CE and NEMA 4/12 compliant.

Software: Lookout software

Hardware insertion:

Auto-Sert hardware insertion presses have set the standard for safe, fast and reliable hardware inserting.

Auto-Sert has taken an aggressive approach to refining C-frame design presses, concentrating on operator safety and ease of setup.

The insertion press available from Sheetmetal Tooling Tech has a perfect electronics system, it utilises GE Fanuc controller and a modular electronic panel.

With a wide variety of sizes and modes, Auto-Sert builds a hardware press of every job.

  • Fastener library automatically sets pressure and dwell by selecting hardware
  • Program management screen allows operator to save up to 1,000 jobs by number and description
  • Saves tonnage, dwell, Ram stroke, air-on timer, batch counter reset and operation modes
  • Security lockout for operator mode and set-up mode
  • Maintenance screen displays running stroke and hour timers for monitoring maintenance schedules
  • Windows 95 operating system

Uniform hydraulic pressure by design: No variation in pressure from heat build-up. Hardware installed uniformly in thin, soft aluminium parts at low-pressure range down to 350 lbs. Force.

To install ¼-20 studs in stainless steel, the Auto-Sert AS-7.5 has capacity-with power to spare.

Reliable safety system: Redundant safety system internally monitored by a micro-controller. Sensitive pressure sensing device used with the insertion press, plus ¼” window of safety before full tonnage is applied by press. The operator can work faster with confidence.

20” throat depth vertically and horizontally: Design allows less restriction of movement around ram. 2” steel centre mainframe. (Larger throat depth of 36” available at 7.5 and 10 tons)

Quick change tooling: Minimal tools needed for tooling change.

Built in dwell timer and fastener/batch counters: Dwell allows time for material flow to form a stronger clinch with fastener that can be set from 0 – 1 second in tenths

This is perfect for stainless steel applications. Fastener and batch counters keep track of number of hardware in each part and part production.

Operator is alerted to hardware forgotten in parts. Better quality control

  • Tonnage capacity: Minimum 159kgs (350 lbs.)
  • Maximum 6820 (15,000 lbs)
  • Throat depth: 508mm or 914mm (20” or 36”)
  • Ram stroke: 152.4mm (6 inches) (adjustable with optional positive stop)

Versatile: Optional tooling available for rivets, part marking and metal joining.

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