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IMPAX Tooling Solutions, represented by Sheetmetal Tooling , is the only tool supplier that custom builds thread form tools to exact customer specifications.

Custom tools provide a significant advantage to stampers who need more accurate tools to meet precise engineering requirements.

Thread forms - the stamped helical spirals that fasten sheet metal screws without additional parts or assembly - are often indispensable to stampers. They provide a level of cost- and time-savings that is hard to match.

The difference between a custom built tool from Impax Tooling Solutions and one that is built to fit a range of screw sizes is dramatic, providing a better fit and resulting in a superior finished product.

The custom tool advantage

The typical thread form tool is built to fit a range of screw thread sizes. Using this technique, some screws fit tight while others may be less secure.

Impax Tooling Solutions eliminates this problem by custom engineering every thread form tool. When customers order a thread form tool from Impax, they know that every screw will always hold firm.

Impax also generates a tool print when designing a thread form tool. This print is archived and readily available to speed tool re-orders and ensure exact replacement tooling.

Tool test runs ensure flawless stamping

Prior to shipping, Impax test runs each thread form tool, ensuring that it not only works, but works exceptionally well. A sample of the stamped thread form is shipped with every order.

Impax carries a standard stock of sheet metals for testing. For more specialised materials, stampers can provide a sample piece to Impax.

Coin and form or pierce and form in one hit

When sheet metal is too thick for the pitch of the screw thread, a coining operation may solve the problem by thinning the sheet.

Impax's innovative tooling allows for one step coin and forms, significantly reducing production time, while other thread form punches require a separate setup for coining.

Impax tools can also pierce the hole and create the thread form in a single hit, resulting in fewer holes in die sets, reduced labour costs and shorter lead times on jobs.

One-hit thread form tools are available in many thread types, but not for materials in which coining is required.

M2 and M4 steels standard

To maximise tool life and minimise downtime, thread form tools must offer a quality tool steel standard. All headed Impax thread form tools are engineered with M2 and all ball lock tools are made with M4. Both are powder metallurgy steels providing high levels of wear resistance, toughness and compression strength.

Impax also offers alternate steels such as 3V and 10V to ensure the best results.

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