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XXL Center bending machine available from Sheetmetal Machinery

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Bending long parts has never been easier than with the RAS XXL-Center which is available from Sheetmetal Machinery . One operator easily loads the work piece onto a sheet support system in front of the machine and then unloads the complete folded, finished part.

The machine automatically inserts, squares, positions to the bend line and bends the flanges up or down.

No more rotation. No more complicated handling. No more second or third operator. Because of the unique rotation of the machine's tools it is possible to bend pre-coated sheets without scratching the material surface.

Programming is so simple that even less experienced operators can produce perfect parts in no time. The XXL-Center automates the entire bend sequence and eliminates operator involvement.

Loading supports:

The loading tables are an integral part of the XXL-Center’s sophisticated ergonomics. They come out from the work surface and move forward from the machine. The operator then easily loads material onto these tables.

Feeding grippers:

The feeding grippers hold the part during the entire bend cycle and position it automatically for each bend. For many parts the operator unloads only the finished work piece.

Only on parts with hems on both sides does the operator flip the work piece once during the bend cycle. Even then, rotating the part is not required.

Upper and lower folding beams:

A masterpiece of engineering brilliance; the folding beams were designed to rotate during bending by only a few millimetres and to roll away with the work piece in a 3D motion.

This motion insures that material surfaces will not be scratched.

Depending on whether a part needs to be bent up or down, the active folding beam moves forward to the material while the counter folding beam retracts in the upper or lower clamping beam.

The free space created by this functionality provides part design capabilities never before seen on a metal folder.

The CAD designed and finite-element optimised folding beams offer strength of more than 1000 N/mm2 and is dimensioned to resist high loads.

The folding beams are supported every 270mm, two to three times more than on common designs. This design assures perfectly straight bends every time.

The Drive system concept:

This XXL-Center uses no hydraulics. Instead, regulated and brushless AC-motors bring power and speed to the entire system.

There are no oil leaks, one side clamping, hems that are not consistent along their length or even over stressed machine components.

All motors are placed at the centre of the machine. This assures optimum flow of forces to the end of the machine bed.

The drive concept is responsible for the exact parallel motion of all beams, guaranteeing extremely straight bends and programmable hemming dimensions where the hems are closed to the same height along the complete length of the part.

The multibend 9002 CNC:

The CNC is the brain of the XXL-Center and drives all actions with unheard of speed and accuracy. Programming with the RAS CADalyzer software is so simple that the user just needs to enter angles and flange dimensions for each bend.

Step by step the CNC shows the part creation on the screen.

The CADalyzer software offers maximum ease of use:

  • Graphical input of the angles for up or down bends and the flange dimension. The user can let the system calculate the developed length or start with the part width. In addition, data from other CAD systems can be imported as an ASCII or excel file
  • Visual simulation of the bending sequence for visual collision checks

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