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Waterjet cutting machines available from Sheetmetal Machinery

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Resato International offers a complete line of waterjet cutting machines with new advanced technology. The design is based on the application of integrated linear drives and offers the following benefits:

Zero backlash:

There are no mechanical transmission components like ball screws, rack and pinion or gear box drives

Maintenance-free operation:

There are no wear parts, due to the non-contact configuration

High precision:

Accuracy depends only on the quality of the electronic feedback device instead of on mechanical transmission components


Because there is no mechanical linkage, stiffness is a matter of gain and current

Fast response:

The response rate of a linear motor-driven device can be over a 100 times that of a mechanical transmission

Long travels:

This can be achieved by mounting shorter sections of magnet track end-to-end to form long magnet tracks

Wide speed range:

The cutting and jogging speed can be controlled from low up to high speed

These waterjet cutting machines are available from Sheetmetal Machinery.

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