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Spiral tube bender and former available from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia

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Sheetmetal Machinery Australia  are suppliers of machinery for the production of round and square ducting and fittings in Sheetmetal.

The company has a range of machinery on offer. These include Seam closers, swagers, plasma cutters, tubeformers and tube benders, gorelockers, stitchwelders, fitting shaper, panel folders, guillotines, flanging machines, lockformers and rounding machines from world leading manufacturers Spiro International S.A and RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH.

Spiro Tubeformer Smart

Recently Spiro International S.A. launched their latest model of spiral tube bender machines. Theses compact and highly mobile tubeformers are ideal for on-site work and workshop related activities.

The Tubeformer SMART is a tube bender which continues to live up to the history of highly reliable and durable quality machines produced by Spiro. The latest development revolutionizes the mobility of tubeformers. The compact design and selected technology allows for an easy relocation to a new worksite. A new generation of frequency controller applied at the main drive enables a smooth start and acceleration, resulting in almost soundless operation and minimized energy consumption.

As a result of a new patented flying slitter, the tubes are cut to length quietly without producing hot sparks as encountered in machines with saw-applications. Moreover, the flying slitter provides smooth tube ends without deburring. The Tubeformer SMART design accomplishes the HVAC-industry requirements to produce in galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium, as well as fulfilling the following standards: AFNOR, BS, DIN, EUROVENT and SMACNA.

The state-of-the-art forming heads coupled with the clinching device provide a consistent tolerance of the diameter without deviation. The Tubeformer SMART also generates added value by ensuring that the forming heads are interchangeable with other original heads from Spiro International S.A.

The production of the elbow parts for air ducts starts with a roll forming process. This operation seams the blank and creates one part for the lock. This happens usually on a lock forming machine, for instance the RAS SpeedySeamer. In the second step the internal and outside elbow duct cheeks will be rounded on the requested radius.

Here a rounding machine comes into play. Traditional rounding machines use one part rolls. Since the part comes with the roll formed seam, traditional rounding machines can offer only some poor and costly compromises. Setting the rolls to the seam thickness results in poor radii. Stronger settings will damage the seam and in the long term also the rolls. Two remedies are known. Inserted metal strips, keep the seam open but must be manufactured separately and often can be used just once. Reusable mats must be produced also separately and need to be adjusted to the width of the elbow cheek.

The RAS VENTIrounder for the air duct production solves all these problems. It easily rounds sheet metal elbow cheeks with pre-formed Snap Lock or Pittsburgh seams. The result are perfect work pieces without the need of additional spacer parts.

After having moved the rounding rings along the working length and set them to the approximate blank width, you can start rounding the blank. The rings round the sheet metal without touching the seams. Therefore the seams keep their geometry during the rounding process. A gear-brake motor with variable speed drives all three shafts and can be operated from a single phase outlet.

The shafts are housed in roller bearings in the sturdy and bulky machine frame. The rear shaft can be set with a hand wheel for the adjustment of the bending radius.

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