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Revolutionary RAS TURBObend plus folding machines from Sheetmetal Machinery

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article image These folding machines boast a range of new and unique functionalities
RAS TURBObend plus folding machines with revolutionary Touch&More controls and CADalayser systems are available from Sheetmetal Machinery .

The folding machines are of great use in the architectural, roofing, metal construction and signage industries among various others.  

Touch&More Control

The unique Touch&More Control system allows operators to draw a flange using their finger as a pencil and size it to the right dimension and angle.

The Touch&More screen then displays the finished part and determines whether it can be folded or not via simulation.

The folding machines CADalayser system then calculates several folding sequences and automatically creates the program.

The CADalayser system has the ability to simultaneously display the program, finished part and bend sequence.

The Backgauge System

Each stop finger unit in this versatile system comes equipped with three pop-up fingers, and a servo motor works to position the backgauge to any dimension in less than two seconds.

This element of folding machines offer simplified handling so only one operator is required to handle both large and small parts.

Beam Functions

The folding machines are comprised of three beams, and each has a specialised function.

  • Upper clamping beam - can be programmed to create open and closed hems
  • Lower beam - provides maximum resistance to deflection and torsion free rigidity 
  • Folding beam - automatically adjusts according to material thicknesses

RAS Tooling System

This element of the folding machines is comprised of three sharp tooling segments which are mounted to the upper clamping beam, and they can be removed by the operator in seconds.

The system is quick-clamped and locks in position so that it can be used within seconds, and because tool segments do not exceed 200mm in length they can be re-arranged simply and efficiently.

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