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RAS XL-Center folding machines from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia eliminate programming

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Available in Australia from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia , the RAS XL-Center is a folding centre for light gauge sheet metal profiles used mainly in the roofing and architectural industry.

Offering 3200mm of folding length and 1.5mm mild steel capacity, the XL-Center is capable of folding the sheet up and down and keeping material handling at a minimum. The folding beams are designed to rotate during folding by only a few millimetres, completing the workpiece with minimal operator involvement.

The patented 300-degree free space in front of the beams offers almost unlimited part design flexibility. The folding beam arrangement allows for profiles that extend back toward the beams. The form fitting folding beams create maximum free space and allow the beams to dive into pre-bent profiles.

The grippers hold the part during the entire folding cycle and position it automatically for each bend. For most parts the operator unloads only the finished workpiece. The grippers are also designed to clamp above pre-bent or closed hems.

Since the tools roll away with the material, the XL-Center folding centres are ideal for folding pre-coated materials. The XL-Center closes hems to a programmed dimension. Tools with an extremely high tensile strength and a 1.5mm radius are built into the upper and lower clamping beam. The XL-Center folds all materials and all material thicknesses within this inside radius.

The MultiTouch PC control at the heart of the XL-Center eliminates programming while its simple and intuitive operation does not require prior training or any knowledge of designing and manipulating a profile. The operator draws the profile on the MultiTouch monitor and the software automatically programs the part and shows several folding strategies. The operator selects a folding sequence and the software simulates the sequence in 2D or 3D view. The XL-Center then creates the profile.

XL-Center folding machines can also create folding tapered profiles, which are used extensively for roofing and architectural parts where one part is inserted into another. A precise fit simplifies the connection of two profiles.

The Bendex3D Professional software supplied with the XL-Center allows the user to go mobile. One can draw the profile on the construction site using a tablet PC and transmit the profile geometry to the office by connecting to the Internet. Bendex3D calculates the cost of the profile, determines the material needs, creates profile drawings and generates the profile data.

The XL Office software creates the folding program for the XL-Center on a PC in the office, allowing work on the machine to continue without interruption.

In addition to the functional benefits delivered by the XL-Center, the folding machine also ensures enhanced safety and energy efficiency. By eliminating the use of hydraulics from the system, the machine is not impacted by leaks, nonparallel flanges, unequally pressed hems or tilted machine components. Regulated motors guarantee power and dynamics with only a 3 kW maximum consumption.

Well-designed machine covers ensure safe operation during the automatic folding cycle based on the latest safety guidelines. Safety fences and light barriers complement the XL-Center while a mobile program interrupt key allows controlled access to the folding area.

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