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RAS MULTIbend-Center available from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia

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Profitability is determined on the time it takes to fold a part then multiplying the time by the number of parts to be produced per year. By using RAS folding technology, this can be achieved.

The RAS MULTIbend-Center automates the entire bending operation to virtually eliminate the need for human involvement, and delivers unprecedented part repeatability with exact replication, without shoulder marks or scratches.

With the folding beam moving at 280 degrees per second, a typical 8-bend part can be made in 30 seconds. That computes to roughly 800,000 parts per year. All RAS MULTIbend-Centers use an automatic tool changer. Upper beam tool set-ups are done automatically in 5 to 25 seconds.

The RAS MULTIbend-Center can produce an 8 bend part in 30 seconds, and then save 5 seconds queuing time on the next part to be folded.

Cycle Times:

If you produce a batch of identical parts, each finished part can be unloaded after the cycle time. The cycle time includes the blank squaring process, main manipulator takeover, and the finished part being transported out of the folding area. The first part of the batch (loading the machine) will not be considered. The cycle times for the first part will be some seconds longer.

Folding Times:

The real folding time is shorter, and will be calculated from the moment the main manipulator clamps the blank, until it releases the finished part.


RAS MULTIbend-Center can with precision manipulate blanks to .001 of a degree around a complete 360 degree arc to bend parts that are squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, and even tapered pieces. In addition, the MULTIBEND-Center can produce stand-offs, bumped radii, welding tabs, and open or closed hems.

Whether you are producing your parts in batch or kit type production, the RAS MULTIbend-Center is the absolute in automated metal folding.


The first of three distinctly different characteristics is how the MULTIbend Center adapts to different folding situations.

The 2" free space in front or behind the tools makes a variety of part configurations possible. RAS MULTIbend-Center has an 8" tool height, which determines the maximum height of a four-sided box and an integrated tool changer that sets the machine up for a new program and bending length with almost no interruption. The MULTIbend-Center can change tools during the part cycle.

RAS MULTIbend-Center versatility makes special operations possible. Hems, radii, welding tabs, closed profiles, offset bends, bends on oblique parts, and bends inside of punched windows. But, the Flexibility does not end there.

Flexible loading concepts:

The MULTIBEND-CENTER can adapt to different production strategies. Not limited to batch production, the machine can bend all components in sequence for a finished product, such as a filing cabinet. Because of its modular design, its flexibility to adapt itself to different production scenarios is almost unlimited.

The loading systems consist of a simple one station blank loading system, to multiple stations using a robotic loading arm. The RAS MULTIbend-Center can be used to handle pick and place loading to a sophisticated material management system.

The RAS MULTIbend-Center modular design concept, and equally flexible software, allows changeovers from one loading concept to another.

The RAS MULTIbend-Center modular design concept allows easy reconfiguration from manual loading system, to the highest level of automation, to meet the needs of a growing business.

Flexible production strategy:

This modular design allows changeovers from one loading concept to another. For example, the fastest way to build a six component cabinet is to focus on a complete assembly, producing all six parts in sequence, followed by six more parts. Called kit production, this almost eliminates logistics efforts, and reduces production time to a few hours.

Another important characteristic in the MULTIbend-Center is its ability to exit a part in any one of three directions. Parallel to the bend line of the machine, or perpendicular (right or left.), a part can be directed to go to assembly, to welding, or to paint, automatically and all programmable.

CNC flexibility:

The MULTIbend-Center performs remarkable tasks thanks to the intelligence it receives from its CNC. The CNC will automatically compute the perfect and fastest tool change strategy for the part. Incredible power, flexibility, speed and simplicity is sent to the folding cell, automatically programming a single part, or a complete family of parts, including all axes, collision checks, and tool strategy. It displays, simulates and programs your parts graphically, allowing visual monitoring of every detail in progress.

The most important function in kit production is feeding the different blanks to the MULTIbend in the right sequence. The MULTIbend CNC is capable of running many different CNC programs simultaneously. The MULTIbend-Center is the epitome of flexibility in the world of mass metal folding today.

RAS MULTIbend-Center available from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia .

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