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Intelligent swaging machine

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article image Offers motor drive and variable speed.

SHEETMETAL Machinery has released the RAS 12.35 swaging machine, offering a motor drive and variable speed. It is an intelligent swaging system that learns as you swage and flange.

When machining your first work piece in a job, simply press the Auto-Teach function. The 12.35's computer program memorises when, and how you set the upper wheel. Then, when inserting the second work piece in the job sequence, the system automatically clones the entire operation. The operator need only lead the work piece and regulate its speed via the footswitch.

The RAS 12.35 swaging machine adds versatility, speed and repeatability to daily production. In order to find the right rolls for the required forming operation, a roller catalogue is available to select the most suitable tools for the application.

RAS also offers the 11.15 and 11.35 swagers that are available in manual drive or motor drive with a variable speed. These swagers are complete with nine sets of standard wheels and a divided stop with hardened stop plate. The wheels are burnished to protect them from corrosion and several are hardened for durability.

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