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article image Includes an integrated safety system with programmable guards.

SHEETMETAL Machinery Australia P/L has launched Safan’s e-brake, an advanced alternative to the conventional hydraulic press brake with capacities of up to 100t and a 3100mm working length. It sets new standards in ergonomics, efficiency, economy and ecology.

The e-brake is built around the new servo-electronic drive based on the pulley principal. It results in a very even distribution of forces so that, in 98% of cases, no crowning table is required.

Similarly, an entirely new generation of electronics and software makes operation and control extremely fast, easy and precise. Further advances in ergonomics include the Touch Screen control.

Cycle times are much shorter than for conventional press brakes due to the fast back gauge and short acceleration time, the working range has been increased and the possibility of mistakes reduced.

This all leads to a vast improvement in productivity, with low noise levels, energy consumption reduced by up to 50% and an integrated safety system with programmable guards.

The back gauge system extends across the full width of the machine and is highly accurate. The system is modular in construction and options. Special hinged back gauge pins allow a maximum sheet size of 1000mm and the R axis is adjustable from the front of the machine using a hand-wheel.

A CNC-controlled 'R' is optional and the back gauge has a high positioning speed of 350mm/sec. Z1, Z2 and European top and bottom tool adaption are also optional.

The e-brake has demonstrated to be 20% faster than its nearest competitor, cycle times and maintenance levels are considerably better than for conventional hydraulic press brakes, according to Sheetmetal Machinery Australia.

It boasts lower energy consumption levels, rapid operation and no crowning.

The working length is also longer on the new model (more than 3m but less than 6m).

The mechatronic drive in the top beam alone saves time because it requires far fewer settings.

The electronic control has been developed by Safan itself and uses a new generation of electronics and software.

Short response and delay times yield bending speeds of up to 20mm/sec. Precision is increased further by its digital drive with closed-loop system and vector control technology.

Smaller bending work is also possible thanks to the narrow construction of the top and bottom beams. The working range is very large with a maximum top beam stroke of 290mm and a Qmax (daylight dimensions) of 690mm.

The PC based Touch screen is simple and effective. It only displays those buttons that are required at a particular stage of the operation.

By extending the Touch Screen control with bending simulation software and a keyboard, Safan offers advanced graphic applications to boost efficiency.

The optional TS2 and TS3 controls use Delem software but can also be connected to external packages, like Radan.

The absence of hydraulics means the problems associated with oil use are now a thing of the past.

E-brake uses less energy (for example, only when the beam moves), which can result in energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional hydraulic press brakes.

An active safety system is integrated into the control using a safety light screen that is automatically controlled from the Touch Screen. The application of a spring-return system means that, in case of an accident, the top beam will always move upwards.

Safan has also developed a range of adjustable support arms of modular construction for light and heavy duty sheet metal work. This makes it possible to rapidly set up the correct solution for each application. It is mobile across machine width, adjustable height, programmable height, and fitted with fine adjustment location stops.

To relieve the operator in the case of lengthy, routine and heavy duty work, Safan has also developed an extremely powerful and accurate bending aid, which supports the sheet throughout the entire bending process.

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