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Folding machine with a folding beam that moves at 90°/s

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article image High throughput results in a rapid return on investment.

SHEETMETAL Machinery has released the RAS FLEXIbend folding machine, with a folding beam that moves at 90°/s, allowing a high throughput that results in a rapid return on investment. It has a working length of 3200mm with material thickness of 3mm, or 4060mm with a material thickness of up to 2.5mm.

It can create boxes, pans, enclosures and panels. It is particularly suitable for sensitive material surfaces such as stainless steel, pre-painted or coated material. Virtually no setup time is required.

The CNC backgauge automatically positions the part to the bending line. If the operator intends to operate the machine from the rear and is required to fold extra large parts, the backgauge can be extended on one side. This is known as a J-shape extension. The integrated pop-up stop fingers disappear, when on program control, for a quick and easy part rotation.

A Click-In-tool system comes with goat’s foot tools that are up to 155mm deep. All tools are clamped automatically to the upper clamping beam. For a simplified and fast setup, the Touch&More CNC with colour graphics and powerful 32-bit RISC-processor offers full setup instructions to the operator.

The upper tools offer design flexibility for parts and flexibility is also provided by the segmented folding beam tools. Users can achieve bend sections within the parts or even bend inside the part. The automatic folding beam tool clamping and the integrated crowning system will allow for the creation of parts with extremely accurate radii. The lower beam tools are also segmented for flanges directed into the machine bed. As soon as the material thickness changes, the folding beam and the lower beam automatically reposition themselves within seconds.

With Touch&More CNC the operator draws the part with his/her finger and the system instantly creates the program. Step by step the 15-inch screen shows how the part will be created, including the real tool and machine geometry.

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