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Fittingshaper 1250 and Spiro Shaper from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia

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article image The FittingShaper 1250 (left) and the Spiro Shaper (right) avaialble from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia

Sheetmetal Machinery Australia presents the Fittingshaper 1250 and Spiro Shaper from Spiro International SA.

The Fittingshaper 1250 is a flexible machine that is made for mounting rubber gaskets to fittings in small volumes but with many different sizes. The Spiro Shaper helps efficiently mount gaskets in a fast and accurate fashion on fittings.

The Fittingshaper 1250 helps significantly reduce the leakage rate in ventilation systems, which also helps lower energy consumption costs. The patented machine consists of a rigid frame with mounted two sledges with two rollerbacks and one block with one counterroller. The Fittingshaper 1250 also features an additional sledge that is almost vertically mounted and can move up and down with a specially shaped roller for clamping the gasket.

The Spiro Shaper focuses on a smaller diameter range, which results in a high output volume combined with consistency due to the precise machine setup. The machine can produce a rolled edge on non-gasket products, as well as handle any type of fittings including saddle, bends and T-pieces. In order to optimise leakage tightness, the Spiro Shaper can implement 5 different widths of rubber gaskets to cover the entire dimension range.

Combine the Fittingshaper 1250 and Spiro Shaper to achieve the full dimension range of rubber gaskets and fittings.

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