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Bending, notching, punching and bevelling machines.

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article image Bevellers can be fitted with wheels for working on large pieces.

SHEETMETAL Machinery has released the Simasv range of bending, notching, punching and bevelling machines. The Simasv bending presses are user-friendly and easy to maintain. They can be fitted with a large number of tools and are designed to perform with ease and precision any type of bend. They can punch and shear flat and pipe profiles.

The universal hydraulic bending machines have a robust structure, with stabilised steel construction and equipped with nickel-chromium steel shafts that are heat treated and resistant to wear. The machines have the option of positioning on the horizontal or vertical axes and offering a wide range of rolls for bending of section bars in any form or material.

The hydraulic notching machines consist of twelve models offering fixed 90º and variable angles of 30º to 140º. The notching machines are available with punch heads, variable blade lengths between 220mm and 250mm and a cutting capacity of up to 10mm steel thickness.

The hydraulic punching/nibbling machines have a frontal head opening designed for tool change in four seconds. The opening also removes the problem of cartridge jamming. This punching machine has an Amada-type cartridge, a D station for punching up to a maximum diameter of 88.9mm and up to a maximum diameter of 16mm on the six-tool multi-tool model.

Double hydraulic sheet metal locking clamps are also available on the manual model. They are controlled from the CNC and/or an electrical pedal with a double anti-collision clamp safety system in the punch operating area.

The bevelling machines are suited to the bevelling of steel prior to welding. Robust in construction, they are also compact and easy to transport. It is also possible to place wheels on the machine to enable large pieces to be bevelled without strenuous handling. The portable SP12V model has a maximum bevel depth of 18mm at 30º for steel and the larger model SM20 is able to bevel steel up to 50mm thick and to a depth of 26mm at 30º.

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