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Lower-back support equipment from Sharpshooters

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Sharpshooters  provides inside edge back saver, a lower-back support, specifically for water sports. The inside edge back saver is ideal for surfers, swimmers and water skiers. These inside edge back saver from Sharpshooters are comfortable and it is fully adjustable.

The inside edge back saver is also called as IE Backsaver, it is designed to support lower back, while not cramping customer’s style in the water. At Sharpshooters, a couple of years age John Wheeler designed the Inside Edge Backsaver. This was ideally designed to give sufficient back support specifically designed for use in water.

Since John Wheeler was suffering from John Wheeler, he needed support and help to reduce lower back twisting while doing lap work in the pool. Later he came up with this vital inside edge back saver. This inside edge back saver is manufactured using high quality 2mm plush wetsuit neoprene, with a 1.5mm at second stage. This allows infinite adjustment of tension, and a small spine of 10mm thick high-density closed cell foam for extra support.

Even if the belt is fully tensioned, there is still flexibility for the wearer. The thermal quality of the fabric helps keep kidneys warm. Inside Edge Backsaver is designed to give extra back support, especially for water-based sports.

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