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Water filtration solutions from Sharplift

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Sharplift  provides effective and environment friendly water filtration treatment solutions ideal for domestic, commercial and industries. The water treatment at Sharplift is stemmed from the pre and post treatment involved with desalinators.

Sharplift is known to distribute different types of water treatment systems suitable for commercial, municipal, industrial applications including water softening, U-tube technology, chlorination, sterilization, desalination filters and types of filtration like bag filters, multimedia, sediment cartridge and spin filters. Customers can contact Sharplift to discuss about the appropriate water treatment system according to their requirement and specifications.

As with the domestic water purifiers, Sharplift provides a complete range of water purifiers that could be installed at customer’s house. These water purifiers are highly designed to clean up the water supply by just using 1 micron filters that inhibit the microbial re growth. It reduces chlorine, herbicides, organic compounds and chloroform for the consuming water.

Sharplift also provides dual filters when further filtration is needed. These dual filter units are available to remove rust, silt, hair and any other large particles that come along the water supply. Sharplift offers small under sink and Counter Top units for individual taps right up to Reverse Osmosis Systems connected the water system for the ultimate in water purification.

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